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Tai Chi Long Form/ Advance

This class is to learn the Yang Style Traditional Tai Chi Long Form 108 movements. You will learn its' applications as well as develop your body and mind alignments. The goal is to learn and keeping the flow for a long period of time. You will learn to apply mindfulness into your daily life.

Location: Ventura Buddhist Temple

901 S. Saticoy Ave. Ventura, CA 93004

Thursday 5:30-6:45pm

Long Form Tai Chi/ Part 1

This class is for the people who are transition to learn the Long Form 108 movements. They formed with three parts. The goal of this class is to learn the first part.
Recommended who are established the Tai Chi for Beginners 2.

323 Borchard Dr. Ventura, CA. 93003

Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm