Why Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong are good for you?

SLOW is Good

Tai Chi Chuan has a continuous sequence of slow movements that helps to strengthen your body and mind. The slowness helps you to focus on your body, breathing and mind. You will experience full body and mind awareness. Thus, Tai Chi Chuan is often referred to as

moving meditation. This awareness leads to your getting your Qi energy flowing in your body and then helps you cultivate it.

Tai Chi Chuan helps to build a healthy balanced body and mind.

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Good for the BRAIN

Many brain researchers have found that Mindfulness practice benefits mental health tremendously. This practice is good for our brains as well as centering our mind.

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A Way to RELAX

Use intention to let go of tension, then pay attention to how to relax your body, mind,

breathing, keeping a good posture, roundness, balance, and maintaining your center to lead to a change in your attitude.

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