Are you looking to release your stress or pain, or just want total relaxation?

What is this event?

This event is a great opportunity for you to explore healing techniques that are available to you at Studio Mazen Tai Chi as a one-day only event.
We offer acupuncture, reflexology, essential oils, Feldenkrais Method, Reiki and energy healing all in the one place.
If you have heard of them before, but you have never tried them, this is an opportunity for you to discover what works best for you.

How can you participate?

You need to book a session by call us: 805-500-6899 or Email us: [email protected]
You can choose one practitioner or multiple practitioners, or multiple sessions. Try one or all. You can ask questions to individual practitioner before the session.
You are welcome to walk-in to the event, however, there may be a wait time.

How much does it cost?

Fee $25 for 20 minutes is 1 ticket.
You can purchase multiple tickets from one or more practitioners, or any multiple sessions.

How can you pay?

You can use online payment below to process the payment or pay in-person at the event.
Either way, please book a session ahead.

Who are the practitioners?

Maki Fujisaki Guelcher

Mazen Tai Chi Founder
Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation,
Reiki Practitioner

Maki is offering you a Japanese healing technique, Reiki energy healing, as well as energy sytem alignment in this event.
You will feel deep relaxation as well as helping for your pain management using Reiki healing.
More information about Reiki healing is here.

Charlie Selhorst


Charlie will be offering brief acupuncture assessments and treatments. 

Charlie has been in healthcare for 40 years. He began his career as an Emergency Room RN in the Bay Area in 1984 and and most recently as a Hospice Nurse in Ventura. He completed his acupuncture training at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and received his masters degree in traditional Chinese Medicine in 2016. He worked with Dr Yan Lu for 2 years in Portland, Oregon before moving to Ventura. Charlie’s areas of specialties are Tui Na and Mobility medicine, with a subspecialty in shoulder injuries. He is currently working as a licensed acupuncturist in Ventura.

Sherry Cash

Feldenkrais Method

Learn to move without pain. Sherry draws from 40+ years of healing arts, among others: Aikido, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Kroeger Herb Products and Young Living Essential Oil supplements; all for healthy living. 

The Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education uses gentle movement and directed attention to help people learn new and more effective ways of living the life they want. You can increase your ease and range of motion, improve your flexibility and coordination, and rediscover your innate capacity for graceful, efficient movement. Since how you move is how you move through life, these improvements will often enhance your thinking, emotional regulation, and problem-solving capabilities.

Sue Ferguson


Sue is a ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) certified reflexologist who brings refreshing relaxation, focused support for specific ailments and a calm relaxing session that supports health and well-being. She has been practicing reflexology for eight years and enjoys offering her clients a lovely moment of peace. Reflexology provides relaxation and supports circulation through caring touch on specific pressure points on the feet that correspond with your body. 

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